Helping you on your path

We are a group of compassionate, strengths-based mental health clinicians dedicated to helping our clients to access inner resources to better navigate the twists and turns of life

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that each person, no matter what, has resources within them that can help them to live a more satisfying life. Our mission is to provide compassionate and integrative care to support you in your personal growth. We do this by providing mental health services delivered by caring clinicians and uniquely tailored to fit your needs.

How we can help


Our clinicians offer in-person individual, family, couples’, and group therapy. We are also able to provide online therapy to any client in Arizona.


Rising Moon Therapeutic Services hosts a number of trainings and workshops on a number of topics. We can work with your organization to create trainings that fit your needs.


We are available for consulting services focused on creating trauma-informed schools and organizations serving youth and young adults.

Our Values

We value personal strengths, creativity, and balance, and take all of this into consideration in our interventions.

We believe that the therapeutic relationship allows a safe space for personal exploration and growth.


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